Kids Excavator For Sale

Best selling for children attraction kids excavator

Characteristic Of Kids Excavators

Kids excavator design according to the engineering excavator’s operational principle, it is a new amusement rides with sample appearance, advanced technology, hard and durable, also easy operation etc.Our excavator is simulation of electro-hydraulic excavator, operation style and function like really engineering excavator, have digging depth and rotation easily.

Kids psychological experts confirmed, growth and development kids should be touch the hands-class operation rides more and more, in this way, can be developed children intellectual, exercise kids hands-on brain coordination capacity, suitable for family to play together.Mode of operation is diversification, Single experience operation, Match, Digging something as encourage, Interactive gmes and so on. Apply: Indoor or outdoor playground, Park, Science museum, Square, Shopping mall, kindergarten, Primary schoool, Students.

Parameters Of Beston Diggers For Sale

Beston sand diggers for kids

Beston sand diggers for kids

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Item: BNKD-01
Nominal Voltage:
Rated Power: 1.58kw
Longest Continuous Work Time: 8h
Max Elevating Height: 1.98m
Length*Width*Height: 2.5m*1.0m*1.3m
Overall Unit Operating Mass: 315kg
Ways to control: coin type/container type/remote control

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Beston balls kids excavators for sale

Beston balls kids excavators for sale

Item: BNKD-02
Packing size:
Shell color: Customized(27kg)
Load: 260kg
Model: Inner spindle hydraulic special motor
Control system: optional timer/coin/magnetic/remote control system
Music: MP3 with SD card
Rotation angle: 90, 180,360.

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How To Play Electric Excavator For Kids

  1. Kid sit in the digger for children, Insert coins to star game
  2. The machine start to swing left and right,forward and back or spin around
  3. In the kids excavators meantime, children music begins
  4. Simple game in the machine to play when swinging
  5. When time is up, the machine stops


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