Le Bar Car Ride For Sale

Le Bar Car Ride For Sale
Le Bar Car Ride For Sale

Le Bar Car Ride For Sale

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Characteristic Of Le Bar Car Ride

The Le Bar car ride, 360 degree rotating car, appearance novel, luxurious and comfortable. Safe and reliable, simple operation. From the age limit. Put down the joystick to stop. This article adopts the double electric motor controller, handle manipulation can around before and after the technical characteristics of the road and in situ rotate 360 degrees, with music, lights and other equipment. Charging 6 ~ 8 hours can travel more than 8 hours continuously. Top bearing 200 kg can take two people. Average speed 8 km/hour, product adaptation range: amusement park, park, leisure square, tourist attractions, resorts, etc.

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1. Human engineering unique design
2. Application principle of Roller Coaster and Taiwan YAF (Variable Frequency Motor)
3. 360° freely rotate and run
4. Polyurethane (PU), glass fiber reinforce Plastics (FRP), rocker intelligent control, easy control safely
5. Powerful motor and battery for 8hs continuous operating
6. LED lights
7. 200kg can be loaded, speed to 8km/h
8. Time adjusted and controlled
9. Automatically counting and timing system
10. Dismountable components, do-it-yourself and convenient for transportation
11. Professional technicians for installation or installation instructions