A List of Popular Theme Park Rides

Theme park rides are also called carnival rides. They consist of moving mechanical devices and structures. They subject people in twists, gravity acceleration and diving to achieve enjoyment. There are many kinds of carnival rides. Listed below are a few of this rides:


This ride was completed in the year 1926 by way of a grate designer called Herbert Sellner. This configuration involved seven cars pivoted on fixed points on a rotating platform that raised and lowered itself. The cars are launched into a free spinning and gains centrifugal force. The impact from the gravitational force would create wild spins inside a different direction creating a thrilling sensation in the rider.

Ferris wheel

Ocean World Amusement Park Ferris Wheel From Beston

Ocean World Amusement Park Ferris Wheel From Beston

This is amongst the best rides that provide a million romantic moments and breath taking views. Designed by an engineer from Colombia in 1983. It demands passenger cars attached round the outer side of a rotating wheel. It displaces you vertically and horizontally from your fixed pivot.


This is among the rides that will not kid around. Designed at the top of the Stratosphere hotel in Las Vegas. It spins its passengers at a very wild speed. The spinning is accelerated eventually until you attain really quick and insane speeds. The passengers are launched inside the vertical direction at an inclination of 70 degrees. It can render a couple of breathless seconds up from the skies from the city.


It has several names, in the united states it can be referred to as the Scrambler. This ride involves fast and breath taking speeds. They have three arms, each arm is clustered with several cars, and in accordance with the size the cars are smaller naturally. When started, scrambling commences along with the main arm and the little arms all begin to rotate. The acceleration between the outer and the inner arms are varied. By using these movements, a frightening illusion is created. You can expect to observe a close collision from the cars along with their passengers. It really is a very scary experience.

Bumper cars

kids ufo inflatable battery operated dodgem car

kids ufo inflatable battery operated dodgem car

It recreates the enjoyment and thrill related to the fender bender. It was actually introduced inside the 1920s. They may be caused by large rings by using a pen and graphite floor meant to decrease friction. The riders drive the small electric cars that obtain power in the overhead grid for the other cars from the pen to accomplish an accident. They land on rubber bumpers without or with breaks you will be assured you are safe.

Log Rides

This ride gets it inspiration in the log ridding back into the late 1800s. You ride over a hollowed log and you are accelerated across the flume, getting water splashes that soak you at the same time.

The Haunted Mansion

This ride was created in Sydney. It is supposed to transform the happiest place in a very scary one. Featuring ghosts, blood- spilling families, murderous brides and host of other phantoms.

The rotor

This ride consists of many versions available today. It makes use of the consequences of centrifugal force. It is made up of barrel which is spinning at high speeds. While experiencing and enjoying the results of the centrifugal force, the barrel is dropped on the bottom fast. You may be required to sick for the walls.


Antique Carousel Ride for sale

Antique Carousel Ride for sale

This is among the best theme park rides. It was founded back around 500 A.D. it also known as the merry- go-round. It is made up of a rotating platform that moves round. The seats are manufactured up several materials including wood, fiber glass and plastic which are modeled into various designs for instance horses.

To summarize, their list above is surely an incomplete list of theme park rides. There exist other rides including Ali Baba, Alpine slide, AquaLoop, Black hole, Braekdance, caterpillar among others.